What is mediation?

Mediation is the creative and collaborative process of assisting parties to actively engage in constructing their own resolution that fits their individual situation that all parties are comfortable with. This process is often transformative and is meant to build communication and allow a relationship to continue, if that is the desire of the parties. The process of mediation can often transform negative situations into creative conversations that produce new methods of conflict resolution that was not visible before.

  • The mediator is a neutral third party
  • The mediation agreement is voluntary
  • the mediator does NOT force or decide the agreement
  • The agreement must be mutually satisfactory to all the parties
  • The mediator does not act like a judge as in arbitration but allows the parties to create their own agreement that suits their specific needs
  • Mediators do not give legal advice

The advantage of mediation over litigation:

  • Mediation is less expensive
  • Mediation is less time-consuming
  • The parties are in total control of the outcome and only reach a resolution if it is mutually agreeable
  • Mediation preserves relationships more so than in the adversarial setting of a courtroom