About Peace in Conflict

Peace in Conflict was founded by Ms. Rhiannon Vader-Rikhof in 2016. Ms. Vader-Rikhof’s background is as a barrister in the UK where she also obtained her Masters in Law in Professional Legal Practice. From there she worked at two UN international law tribunals working on genocide and crimes against humanity for the prosecution team.

Since moving to Houston, MS. Vader-Rikhof has worked at two NGOs to expand her social-justice ideals. In line with her commitment to help everyone, regardless of their background, socio-economic situation or beliefs, Ms. Vader-Rikhof has chosen to become a Texas Credentialed Mediator to help anyone seeking a resolution to a civil/commercial conflict get the peaceful and satisfactory conclusion they desire.

Peace in Conflict is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and offers comprehensive, neutral and confidential mediation services. Ms. Vader-Rikhof is a member of the Association for Conflict Resolution and a candiate for membership from the Texas Association of Mediators.